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Income Opportunities

The Bates brand and registered trademark is recognized internationally. Over the past 30 years, our company has developed a winning business strategy and has become the first international recreational vehicle (RV) rental franchise company in the world!

What makes Bates distinctive is the personal attention the company provides to its customers, the RV fleet and its commitment to ensure Bates delivers the best quality travel experience for all of its clients.

RV Rentals are one of the largest growing segments of the travel/tourism industry. Travelers can experience the benefits of the RV lifestyle without the cost of ownership. Bates RV rentals are often the first step toward the purchase of an RV, providing potential buyers the opportunity to “try before they buy.” Bates is widely recognized for its variety of motor homes, from plush Class “A” diesel pushers to small Class “C” “cab over” styles.

The Bates International Franchise System gives you connections to proven programs, successful operating systems and an experienced management team. Bates’ RV Rental management techniques have been tried and tested for more than three decades. Entrepreneur Magazine named Bates as one of the “Top 500 Franchises.” Bates extends quality service through its Las Vegas headquarters and franchise locations in selected cities in the United States and Canada.

Bates is first major RV rental firm in America to initiate “Revenue Sharing” with the public through its Rental Management Program. You can purchase a new RV directly through Bates, because we are a factory direct dealer. Then you can place your new RV in the Rental Management Program to start generating income. If you already own a new or used RV, don’t let it sit idle. Inquire about the benefits you can reap by listing your RV with Bates. We also offer Like-New Bates Resale RVs at substantial discounts.

Whether you’re in the market for a new, used or rental RV for a weekend jaunt or month-long journey, Bates has the right RV for you. Call Bates toll free today at 800-732-2283 to plan your personal motor home vacation today!

Call toll free at 800-732-2283 to speak to a Bates representative or request information about Bates programs.

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