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One Way RV and Motor Home Rentals

For your convenience you can rent an RV one-way to a destination of your choice; Bates will arrange to meet you at a designated location and return the RV to the point of origin.

One-way RV rentals are an option, and available based on a formula that allows the vehicle to be returned to its point of origin. The charge is estimated and determined by the cost necessary to return the RV. The exact cost of the one-way are determined at the conclusion of the rental. Of course, the further the drop off is from the point of origin, the higher the cost.

Supportive documentation is available upon request. Despite the additional cost travelers choose one-way rentals for a variety of reasons: to avoid retracing their steps on vacation, emergency medical transport, to take the place of a more expensive flight or to take a cross-country road trip without having to return the RV to the point of origin.

If you are considering a one-way RV rental, it would be our pleasure to provide a custom quote that would allow you to determine if this available option is for you.

For more information please complete the information below and we will be happy to provide a quote.

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