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Frequently Asked Questions

Renting An RV

  • How does insurance work?

    The RV is covered with commercial insurance. Generally the cost ranges from $15-$25 a day (plus a $10 processing fee) and is dependent on the value of the RV rented. These charges provide coverage for the minimum requirements of any state in the United States and any province of Canada. Additional Insurance is available upon request:

    SLI: Provides the renter an increased limit of liability protection up to $1,000,000US (not available at all locations).

    AIG Travel Guard - Recreational Vehicle Adventure Protection Plan: It will cover the RV Renter in the event of a specified, sudden emergency before or during a trip. This insurance program is affordably priced at 7% of the Trip Cost that includes Trip Cancellation and Interruption (maximum limit of $30,000). Additional benefits include Travel Guard Assist (24-Hour Medical Monitoring, Medical Evacuation, Emergency Medical Payments, Prescription Assistance, Transportation of Dependents, Family Visit, and Transportation of Mortal Remains).

    Personal Property Coverage (PPC): Provides protection for the RV renter's personal property 24 hours per day in or out of the rental vehicle (other than the personal residence) during the rental period. (not available at all locations).

    Personal Accident Insurance (PAI): Provides accidental death benefits and emergency medical expense benefits to the renter and all passengers (not available at all locations).

  • How many people will the RV accommodate?

    Most RVs will accommodate from two (2) to six (6) people. Several models will accommodate up to seven (7) or eight (8) people.

  • What are "Housekeeping Kits" & "Kitchen Kits"?

    The Housekeeping Kits are available in standard or premium packages; they provide the essentials needed such as: sheets, pillows, blankets, towels, wash cloths and table settings per person. Kitchen Kits provide such items as: skillets, culinary knives, pots, pans, tea/coffee pot, cutlery tray, spatula, cork screw, opener, salad bowls, serving spoons and dish towels.

  • What are the requirements to rent a RV?

    Bates requires that renters be at least 25 years of age or older, they must have a valid drivers license, a major credit card, and they must complete a reservation application as well as a credit card authorization form. A refundable security deposit is required and is returned when the rental is closed out; the deposit is subject to deductions, i.e. extra miles, incidental damage, extra days, propane refill, fuel refill, noted upon the return of the vehicle. The renter represents that each of the authorized drivers, including the renter, has a valid driver's license and is twenty-five (25) years of age or older. Only the authorized drivers may drive the RV during the term of the rental agreement or while the RV is in the possession of the renter; an unauthorized driver will void the insurance and the renter is then liable for any damage to the RV.

  • What equipment is incuded in the RV?

    The RVs are generally equipped with the following: dining-sleeping accommodations, cabinets, closets, stored fresh water, kitchen, bathroom, sinks, shower, flush toilets, water (grey) and waste (black) holding tanks, refrigerator w/freezer, furnace, air conditioning, hot water, roof air conditioning, dash air conditioning, power steering, automatic transmission, AM/FM stereo, cassette/CD/DVD players, reclining seats, high intensity reading lights. Most units have an auxiliary generator, cruise control, microwave oven, TV, VCR, wet bar, cable-ready and some have washer/dryers.

  • What is a "Class A" or "Class C" RV and are there other types?

    Class A RVs are built on specially designed truck or bus chassis; available with gasoline or diesel engines. The larger Class A RVs can be equipped with the diesel engine in the rear (diesel pushers); those with air ride suspension give an extremely comfortable ride. Class A RVs can be equipped with one to four slide outs that greatly increase the living space when parked. The entire under carriage is designed for storage, much like the baggage area of a bus. A class "A" RV is often referred to as the "bus" style because of the large windshield and flat or aerodynamically designed front end. The Class "C" is the cab over style that looks like a camper but the driver's compartment can be accessed from the living area. A Class C RV is built on a front engine truck chassis; the front of the RV has a van or pickup cab and has an overhang that houses a sleeping area or an entertainment center. Both the Class A and the Class C RVs for Bates locations are fully self-contained and most include generators.

  • What is a security deposit and why is it necessary?

    The security deposit is collateral against unforeseen circumstances and is paid in advance of the rental. It serves a two-fold purpose; it acts as the insurance deductible should damage to the RV require a claim and when the RV is returned, any charges, such as fuel refill, propane refill, extra cleaning, additional mileage, extra days, damage, will be deducted and the balance returned to the renter. It is understood that the security deposit is set to cover normal charges, but should charges, incurred by the renter, exceed the security deposit the renter is responsible for any overage. Charges are not arbitrary; they are identified and discussed with the renter when the RV is returned at the end of the rental period.

  • What is the purpose of the RV generator?

    RV generators are great for travelers because they provide power for the appliances. RVs are great for roads trips, but they are even better if you have a good supply of electrical power for appliances such as the roof air conditioner, microwaves, televisions, coffee makers, and other electrical necessities. RV generators are great for any size RV and are really reliable for road trips and camping; especially when you donít have access electrical hook-ups (shore power).

  • What size RVs are offered?

    Bates locations offer RVs in the following ranges: small, midsize, deluxe, luxury, premium, and executive. The length of the RVs can be as small as a 21' Class C to as large as a 42' Class A Diesel Pusher.


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Online Reservation Requests

  • What are the payment methods?

    Bates accepts a variety of payment types and each have their own associated rules. All payments must be in US$, regardless of the national origin of customers. Bates accepts direct payments in the form of:

    1. Credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discovery, American Express).

    2. Wire transfers.

    3. Checks (corporate and personal).

    4. Money orders.

    5. Traveler's Checks.

    6. Cash (only accepted during normal operating hours).

    Currently, Bates accepts payment by phone and mail. Automated payment methods will be available at a later date

  • What is the Reservation Status mean?

    Reservation Status designates the state of any given reservation at any given step in the overall process. The following shows the definitions of the different Status Types. • Draft: You have booked your RV Rental and an agent will be contacting to finalize the RV Rental (i.e. final pricing, rental agreements, etc.)

    Hold: An agent has placed your request on hold one of a variety of reasons. Agents will take no further action until the hold is removed.

    Open: Your reservation is active which is backed with a signed rental agreement and payment from you.

    Complete: The trip is completed, you have returned the RV and paid all outstanding balances. • Cancelled:This situation occurs after there has been a written request too cancel and had made some sort of payment on the reservation.

  • Why is my registration incomplete?

    When you book an RV Rental, you did not complete it. For example, a reservation will be incompleted if you did not finish either entering your traveler information, your payment / deposit, or click the FINISH button during the online reservtion process. To complete or finish your online reservation all you have to do call your agent at (800) 732-2283. They will be more than happy to assist you in completing your reservation.